Model Tram Kits

What should you take into account when purchasing a model tram kit, what model track to use and where to obtain all the accessories?  Look into suppliers, directories and magazines for trams and model railways. This could include scenic accessories and overhead fittings.  Obtaining model tram kits is relatively easy if you know where to look and there are literally dozens of specialist outlets and suppliers across the UK.

Model Tram Layouts

Recreating an authentic attractive tram layout is almost as much fun as building the tram itself.  Designing your model tram layout is best done by designing it on paper first, then laying down the track before recreating the buildings and the scenery etc.  It’s possible to build a tramway on a small budget either using an existing suitably motorised diecast trams or plastic model kits.  Alternatively you can purchase an old kit then add various available accessories like stairs, railings, seats, passengers collectors etc from model tramway suppliers.  There are numerous examples of good tram layouts which have been meticulously planned, which utilise all the elements of good modelling, lighting and design.

You can also discover how to create your own tram layout for both 7mm and larger scale trams. Here is a good example of a recreated tramway…

If you have an interest in recreating any particular city’s tramways,  research what kind of tramcars they ran and see if there is a model or kit of those available.

Second Hand Model Kits

Are you starting to put together your own model railway or tramway and are looking for a huge selection of new, discontinued and second-hand trams?  As building trams is an extremely popular hobby.  Looking for ideas and product news and how to get started even with a limited budget couldn’t be easier.  The best place to source these kits is will be via e-bay, modelling manufacturers and suppliers, such as ABS Models, Corgi, BEC, Model Tramway System, Alan Kirkham Trambuilding Services.  More information can be found through the Manufacturers and Supplies Directory.  Second hand model kits would include the parts to build your tram as well as sourcing materials for the scenary and lighting.

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